Bundling up a new ‘form factor’ for developer testing services

Software application developers need testing services, this much we know already.

But what form factor should those code testing services come in?

Should testing come in in a packaged -as-a-Service cloud offering? Should testing come as defined specific custom-aligned tools for specific jobs? Should testing come as one massive platform-play chunk of services that a developer can go and pick-and-mix from? Or should testing be modular turn off and ‘onable’ thing?

Amsterdam based software testing and cybersecurity services company spriteCloud B.V. thinks it’s the latter i.e. software testing should come as a mixable bundle.

The company is now offering its tools in the form of a custom testing service bundle that meets different specific software testing needs. 

Test Stack

Called a Test Stack, this modular service package consists of a blend of functional testing, test automation, performance & load testing and cybersecurity testing.

Service subscribers assemble their Test Stack by determining which testing services they require, the number of days of work they want for each testing service, and the length of the subscription period. 

spriteCloud explains that its Software Testing Subscription service is for organisations that generate significant portions of their revenue from mobile, desktop, or web applications. 

The Test Stack can be adjusted throughout the duration of the subscription (consultants are on hand to help with this) to fit the changing test requirements of the project and organisation as necessary. 

Lean & Large

CEO of spriteCloud Andy McDowell suggests his firm is taking this approach based on its experience of working with companies from lean start-ups to large multinational enterprises.

McDowell says that spriteCloud’s proprietary SaaS product, Calliope.pro, plays a central role in the provision of the Software Testing Subscription service. 

“A centralised, cloud-based reporting and monitoring tool for test results data, Calliope.pro enables development teams to stay up to date on the current health of the codebase as well as compare test results (past and present) to easily identify regressions,” said McDowell.

Calliope.pro is a DevOps tool for test results monitoring — test results are reported on a central dashboard, allowing stakeholders to share, compare and analyse them. 






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