Atlassian Optimizely aim to clean up developer data quality

Atlassian is of course best known (a few would argue loved) for its issue tracking software Jira.

Optimizely on the other hand, is known for guess what?

The clue was (obviously) in the name — the firm develops User eXperience optimization (and personalisation) software.

A new integration between Optimizely Full Stack and Jira Software has now been tabled to address developer concerns over poor data quality.

Why does data quality matter?

Because apps with high data quality can be launched faster, with less launch risk and the impact of every release can be measured more accurately.

What problem does this solve?

Atlassian says that developers are being forced to fulfil the demand for good software, but have little insight into how their experiments are performing and the impact they are having on product development.

Just building and releasing features is no longer enough to create products. With this integration, developers are able to deploy ‘hundreds’ of experiments at a time to see what is driving consumer engagement in real time.

Why does this matter?

Now that developers can see, understand, and easily communicate the status of the experiments they are running — live and in real time — they can deploy smaller and more frequent feature and product shipments that drive end user engagement and convergence.

Optimizely’s Full Stack provides A/B testing and feature management for product development teams, including feature flags to minimising launch risk.

Teams can now link feature flags from Optimizely Full Stack into Jira Software, so that engineers can see the status of the experiments they are running.

This, in theory at least, means more quickly and efficiently seeing the status of flags and rollouts, resulting in smaller and more frequent feature and product shipments.

A free trial and help page is here.

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