Arduino runs ID ecosystem on Auth0

Identity (ID) is now an aspect of every developer’s architectural planning process when she/he/they start to create plans for building the next big thing, or at least it should be.

Indeed, ID management is defined by TechTarget as the organisational process for identifying, authenticating and authorising individuals or groups of people to have access to applications, systems or networks by associating user rights and restrictions with established identities. 

Now that identity has become a part of every application development process, we need to think about what happens in the cloud-native world, given that we have (for some time now) been pushing to move to always-on service-based computing.

ID in cloud territory is, of course, known as Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS)… so who’s doing what in this space?

Arduino opens to Auth0

IDaaS specialist Auth0 has this month been selected as the identity management platform of choice for Arduino, the open source hardware and software ecosystem. 

With a global community of 30 million ‘makers’, Arduino will use Auth0 to replace its own single-sign-on solution for all of its public-facing web properties, including Arduino Create and community apps.

Arduino is known for its simple electronic boards, open source software and user community that has powered thousands of projects, from everyday objects to complex scientific instruments. 

Universal Login

In addition to single-sign-on, Arduino will take advantage of Auth0’s new Universal Login, which enables developers to customise their branded authentication experiences — and Device Flow, for browserless or input-constrained devices.

Auth0 and Arduino plan to fuse the combined power of their communities and events and explore a technical partnership in the IoT domain. 

Auth0 currently secures more than 2.5 billion logins per month for 21 million users.

< class="wp-caption-text">Illustration by Sofi Salazar – source: Auth0.

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