Analytics Bar aims to raise the bar (for Google Analytics stats)

Typically, web developers who run multiple websites or multiple online web applications and associated web services have to open browsers of every website or app to view Google Analytics stats.

This is a pain, so say the web developers at Analytics Bar, who have attempted to shortcut the issue.

Analytics Bar offers a single point to check them (i.e. all open websites and web apps a web developer will want to analyse) all at once, cutting out the browser.

This is a menu bar app to view high-level key metrics for any given day (e.g. real-time traffic count, total traffic count, top viewed pages + session count, referral source path and country, etc.) without having to open up a browser.

It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

“It is especially useful for those who run multiple websites or apps, having a single point to check them all at once and saving hours of time without having to rummage through the browser for each website or app,” said Greg Wicks, founder of Analytics Bar. “It cuts out the middleman [or woman, or gender neutral individual] – the browser, to present your data as quickly as possible.”

Key Features include real-time reporting to display real-time and total Google Analytics stats in the taskbar/menu bar. It supports multiple site views at once in the taskbar/menu bar.

There is secure authentication to provide secure Google Analytics service credential authentication. No username or password required for sign-in. It costs around GBP£15 a year.

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