MESH collapse leaves customers out of pocket

Worried MESH customers have been contacting MicroScope to express their concerns that the collapse into administration and change of ownership at the PC manufacturer will hit requests for refunds on orders placed in the last few months.

Worried MESH customers have been contacting MicroScope to express their concerns that the collapse into administration and change of ownership at the PC manufacturer will hit requests for refunds on orders placed in the last few months.

Following the announcement that MESH had gone into administration and had its brand and other assets picked up by PC Peripherals, the comments started to come into voicing concerns over refunds.

"At the moment [I] have a lot of unhappy customers. They have not been dispatching goods nor refunding money for last four months. I hope to get my money back as I have been one of those unfortunate people," commented Carl Richards.

"The burning question is - will all customers who were forced to cancel because MESH didn't deliver their systems to them get their money back? There are hundreds of unhappy customers out there," added another source.

They are not alone and a Facebook MESH complaints group has been set up which has posts from many customers concerned that they are not going to get their refunds after the change of ownership at the company.

Some of the users on that group are suggesting they turn to BBC's Watchdog consumer programme to get help.

The issues with orders and refunds stretches back to the start of the year with one comment providing insight into an anonymous user's experience of the situation.

"While some of the customers have been waiting weeks some have really been in stress after they receive no goods weeks down the line and furthermore have to ask for assistance from the police to re-gain their funds months after being assured such a refund would happen," the customer commented on the site.

"Now I myself have placed a rather large order for a rig in excess of a thousand pounds, whilst I remained optimistic about these delivery times I couldn't help but become concerned when two weeks had passed and the staff continued to delay with excuses," they added.

"Weeks later I asked for a refund but have received nothing in the way of funds, now we are not talking a couple of hundred here; once the funds pass a grand were talking serious money by anyone's standards," they wrote.

The conclusion of their post called for some sort of action: "Who ever is reading this I strongly urge you to ensure that over 500 people need their money back and ... the people responsible for these crimes are punished accordingly."

Eddie Pacey, channel credit expert, said that the writing had been on the wall at MESH for quite some time.

"Its core business activity has been in decline for some years. It was in essence an end of life business comforted and prolonged in recent years through careful nursing. Sad in a way but independent OEMs such as MESH simply cannot compete with larger players any more.," he said.

One of the reasons for the collapse given by the administrators was the increasing difficulty MESH had competing against competititors and the emergence of new form factors like tablets.



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