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Insight Enterprises is facing charges of $61.2m after restating results from the past 12 years following the conclusion of an internal review of aged trade credits that were found to include errors.


Today's SEC filing in the US came as Insight posted a 14% decline in first calendar quarter sales to $951.2m and a loss of $.6.8m including one-off charges for severance and restructuring expenses, professional fees and costs related to restatement of accounts and the re-measurement of certain deferred tax assets.


"We are pleased to have the restatement process and investigation behind us," said Rich Fennessey, president and CEO at Insight.


The restatement covers 1 December 1996 to 30 September 2008 and pertains to errors in trade credits that arose from unclaimed credit memos, duplicate payments, payments for unreturned products, and overpayments made by clients.


The company said the "final settlement" of these liabilities may take multiple years and it could not guarantee that the ultimate pay-out would be "materially lower" than the £61.2m, or $37.7m after taxes, it highlighted.


On a regional basis, revenues in North America fell 13% to $660.1m in the first quarter, including a 25% drop in hardware revenues, flat software sales and a 90% increase in services.


The UK was set aside for special mention in the EMEA region as the software and services business grew 51% and 186% respectively. Across the rest of the region net sales fell 15% in US dollars to $279.7m but rose 2% in local currency.


In Asia Pacific, sales fell 12% to $20.3m, a 12% year-on-year fall.


Fennessey described its Q1 performance as "solid" but warned the balance of 2009 could be challenging as the demand environment for hardware continues to be weak, and software gross profits will be hit by a reduction in fees by a major software vendor, believed to be Microsoft which re-jigged LAR compensations this month.


"The projected negative effect of known rebates programme changes from a key software partner, which the company now project will result in a $20m to $25m reduction to gross profit in 2009, mostly in the second and fourth quarters given the strong mix of software in those quarters," the company said.




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