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Mid-sized companies are taking a dangerously lax attitude to managing and mining their data leaving them unable to take fully informed decisions about future strategy.

According to research carried out by Quocirca for IBM’s software group there are a sizeable portion of companies that either store data on an ad hoc basis, use multiple database systems or deploy a short-term strategy to deal with data management.

Just shy of half of those mid-sized company managers quizzed in the survey revealed they were worried about data integrity but 68% did little in terms of monitoring or analysing their information.

“The cost of storage is falling but the cost of management is rising so this is unsustainable,” warned Clive Longbottom, service director at Quocirca.

“If you haven’t planned ahead you could be out of business,” he added that far too much information was not being shared and resided on user’s C drives.

From a reseller point of view James Bureau, senior sales manager at Inca Software, said that customers understood that unless hesitated adopting business intelligence tools they faced the prospect of making tough decisions without having the full picture.

“When times are challenging and maybe painful decisions have to be made it is best to be able to make the right ones rather than just based on waving a finger in the air,” he said.

The channel can educate customer sand break down the perceptions some mid sized companies have that business intelligence tools are beyond their reach, said Richard Lovett, marketing manager for UK & Ireland for the business intelligence and performance management at IBM software group.



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