Freudian slip by union reveals outsourcing organisation's perception

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I covered a story today about job cuts at CSC. This was related to an announcement on Friday of an unexpected 600+ job cuts on top of the 400+ already announced.

Within the story the union Unite has a real dig at the NOA about its attitude towards CSC's offshoring strategy. In the press release I was sent by Unite it refers to the NOA as the National Offshoring Association rather than the National Outsourcing Association.

It is an easy mistake to make but is it a Freudian slip? Or was it deliberate?

The union is clearly unhappy with the organisation and suggests it is supporting offshore jobs at the expense of UK jobs. Has UK outsourcing become synonymous with offshoring?

This is what it said: "Unite and our members at CSC are disgusted at the National Offshoring Association's (NOA) backing of CSC's redundancy plans as has been reported in some IT and trade magazines. The position it has taken is clearly misinformed.

"The NOA has taken no consideration of the fact that the union plans to allow for voluntary redundancy rather than compulsory redundancies. It also did not take into account, that from day one of the consultation, CSC has guaranteed that all its workers in India have had their jobs guaranteed regardless of expertise or level of skill."

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Well it is the strategy formation at its nuke point, yes as soon as some organization finds the best offshore BPO Services providing company for taking care of its non core activities it just simply go for redundancies regardless of voluntary or compulsory basis.

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