A shot in the arm for enterprise Linux

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syringe.jpgAfter this week's news of the International Space Station's move to Debian Linux for its laptop installation, the enterprise Linux space is also now strengthened by Bromium, Chelsio, Fusion-io, nexB and ownCloud all joining the Linux Foundation.

NOTE: This year's 2013 Enterprise End User Report show the world's largest enterprises are increasing their investments in Linux for the third consecutive year and management's perception remains increasingly positive.

According to a press statement from the Linux Foundation, "These advancements are resulting in more companies wanting to contribute to the advancement of Linux and understand how to benefit from collaborative development."

Bromium has pioneered new endpoint security technologies that protect enterprises from advanced threats. Rather than relying on detection to prevent attacks, Bromium uses Xen micro-virtualisation to protect endpoints from "undetectable" threats.

nexB helps enterprise software companies identify and manage their software assets, including original, open source and other third-party software components.

ownCloud helps enterprises concerned about sensitive data leakage via Dropbox deliver a secure file sync and share solution.

Chelsio (high performance networking and storage) and Fusion-io (software defined storage solutions) also join the mix.

"Member participation and contributions to Linux Foundation projects, workgroups and programs is a driving force behind the growing influence of Linux in the enterprise," said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation.

"It is this collaboration by our members, community members and other contributors to Linux and collaborative development that advances technology innovation across markets and industries."

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