The 50 Most Influential Women in UK Tech 2017


27. Anne Marie Neatham, COO of Ocado Technology

Source:  Ocado Technology

Anne Marie Neatham began her career as a software engineer in software and retail firms around the world. After joining Ocado as a software engineer in 2001, Neatham worked to become the head of Ocado Technology in Poland in 2012 where she set up the firm’s Polish arm from scratch.

In 2014, Neatham became the chief operating officer of Ocado Technology where she looks after infrastructure and operations for the UK and Poland. Neatham believes that to get young girls into technology careers the encouragement needs to start early in the education system. 

Anne Marie also leads the Code for Life initiative, at the heart of which is Rapid Router, a free and comprehensive teaching resource for coding in primary schools.

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