Wimbledon 2017: The tech behind the tennis


Wimbledon.com and the fan app

Source:  Computer Weekly

Built on the IBM Hybrid Cloud, the Wimbledon.com official website saw 395million views in 2016, the year Wimbledon and IBM also launched the user app to help engage those on the grounds.

Content for the application and the website are generated in Wimbledon’s underground bunkers as live streamed footage from matches and real-time data allow content to be easily generated and pushed out across various channels.

Exciting clips from matches are pulled together, and turned around in a very short amount of time for content to be delivered to fans across all platforms.

It takes approximately 20 minutes for artificial intelligence (AI) to process a video file, assess crowd reaction and recognise the noise level on a court to decide the overall excitement of a particular clip before making this into a highlights reel.

Using AI for activities such as this frees up other members of staff to produce and deliver other types of content, feeding into the constant output Wimbledon delivers throughout its two weeks of action. 

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