International CES 2015: The themes at the biggest tech show of the year


CES 2015: Wearable technology


As usual wearable technology featured heavily at the show, but we saw more from this sector in the Marketplaces hall for startups than the big booths this year.

The nature of the industry label sees products fit into many categories, including sports, health & fitness, wellness and smartwatches, all performing different tasks for different types of people.

Wearables as notification centres for mobile phones is still popular, and products similar to professor Adrian David Cheok’s RingU, which Computer Weekly explored a few years back, were making their way on to display.

Although these devices were all over the show, the lack of any massive innovation in these categories may indicate a slow in the wearables market as current technologies fail to push these products in a definite direction. Perhaps people are waiting for the Apple Watch?

A huge problem in the wearables market is its struggle to define what categories these devices fit into, with certain segments of the industry denying being wearables at all.

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