Six tips on how to create a clear project plan


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Project management software – Essential Guide
There are literally dozens of good project management software applications out there. This guide will help you narrow your search down and understand how project management software can help you with your project plan.  

Five ways to improve your IT project management
Project management and the information and communications technology (ICT) industry go together like jam and toast. But not all project management is good project management. Find out why.

Why projects fail
Careful planning can help to make sure your project succeeds, but if it is clearly not going to work, be ready to pull the plug. Karl Cushing examines Computer Weekly's research into why projects go wrong and how to prevent failure.

Hitting targets? The state of UK IT project management
The Computer Weekly Project Management survey investigated how 1,500 IT project managers across the UK are running their IT projects, their level of success and the reasons for failure.

Companies risk project over-runs as training budgets cut
Businesses risk a return to late, over-running IT projects, following a sharp decline in investment in project- management training.

Ensure successful health IT project management with these 10 tips
Healthcare provider IT staffs are either spearheading or participating in many different projects at a given time, from patient data security to overseeing the installation of a new data system across several clinical departments.

How to estimate IT project timescales
Bob Hughes offers essential tips to accurately estimate the effort and time required for IT projects.

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