Six tips on how to create a clear project plan


Step 2: How to define roles and responsibilities

TIP: Identify your stakeholders. These are the people who have vested interest in either your project or its final outcome.

You will most likely come up against conflicting agenda and requirements amongst stakeholders and different views on what needs to be included. This can be particularly challenging on larger, risky, high impact projects.

A large project will include several teams and needs such as engineering, the developer, consultants, etc. Some teams may have more limited views than others and may find it difficult to see the bigger picture so it is important that the project manager has clarity on what works needs to be done and by whom, in addition to making an agreement on which decisions each stakeholder will make.

In this gallery you will find a six-step approach to creating the perfect project plan. Each slide will take the project manager through how to build a clear roadmap for an IT project.

The next slide will show you how to develop a scope statement.

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