Top cloud computing certifications to consider


Top cloud computing certifications to consider

The buzz around cloud computing technology is growing louder by the day. A recent survey by IDC found that while 14 percent of Indian organizations already make use of cloud technology, another 76 percent are looking to consider cloud computing within the next six months.

Virtualizing the physical data center and migrating it to the cloud can result in significant operational and capex benefits. Small wonder then, that so many enterprises have plunged into the cloud or are about to do so. Abrupt transition from an existing physical setup to a virtual data center and then on to the cloud is infeasible; rather, cloud migration is a phased process, and the journey towards this transformation is not a trivial one. Enterprises require trained professionals skilled in cloud technologies to ensure a smooth transition from physical to cloud.

To this end, many cloud solution providers have introduced cloud certifications. Professionals who have obtained one or more cloud certifications are sought after by enterprises planning to migrate to private cloud setups. The cloud computing certifications aim to equip professionals with all they need to know to help enterprises implement virtualization and cloud designs based on business strategies, encompassing key domains such as compute, storage, networking and applications. In this photo story we focus on the leading cloud certifications available in the industry that cloud professionals need to consider obtaining in order to rubberstamp their cloud skills.

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