Top cloud computing certifications to consider


EMC Cloud Architect (EMCCA)

Source:  Jean Scheijen

EMC has introduced cloud certification courses under the EMC Cloud Architect (EMCCA) Track banner, for architects, designers and consultants. This cloud computing certification will benefit those involved in the planning of:

  • Virtualized data centers - Servers, storage, networks, applications and services.
  • Cloud implementations - Creation, migration and implementation.
  • Convergence of traditional data centers to virtual design and construction (VDC) and extension to cloud infrastructures.

As EMC is one of the leaders in the cloud computing arena, the EMC Cloud Architect certification is valuable, and this cloud certification could well become a prerequisite for cloud architects and consultants in future. The EMC Cloud Architect certification track consists of three certifications:

  • Cloud infrastructure and services (Associate level)
  • Virtualized data center and cloud infrastructure (Specialist Level)
  • IT-as-a-Service planning and design  (Expert level)
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