HyperCITY's retail management system at a glance


Simplified campaign management at HyperCITY

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With its retail campaign management tool, the merchandising team at HyperCITY can set up promotions specific to:

  • All stores OR specific store(s)
  • All product categories or specific categories
  • Discount rule type: A promoter can select and manage any type(s) of campaign, such as 'Buy One Get One', 'Happy Hours', the campaigns with percentile discounts, those with rupee discounts, and customer-specific campaigns.
  • The start and end date of each of the promotions can be specified.
  • The start and end time can be specified for time-based promotions like Happy Hours.
  • The 'source' and 'target' options of the management console can be used to have further variations like 'mix and match' and 'cross category' campaigns.

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