HyperCITY's retail management system at a glance


Oracle retail management software at HyperCITY up close

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The Oracle software deployed at HyperCITY is a Java-based hardware-platform independent application that focuses purely on retail management. It combines the features of Retek and 360Commerce, two retail management software companies the vendor acquired six years ago.

The software has three components: Oracle Retail Point of Sale (ORPOS), Oracle Retail Back Office (ORBO), and Oracle Retail Central Office (ORCO). ORCO is hosted at the server at the head office and it facilitates central allocation of pricing, promotions, setting of rules, and events to be executed at individual stores. ORBO focuses on store-specific functions such as start-of-day / end-of-day inventory and cash maintenance, management of staff and time schedules, and promotions. ORPOS automates the transaction processes at the cash counters. ORPOS and ORBO are hosted at the store level. All the pricing and promotion details for each product are held by ORBO which constantly communicates with ORPOS.


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