• April 11, 2008 11 Apr'08

    IBM: roadmap for data dedupe, thin prov, SSDs and MAID

    IBM's storage general manager and chief technical strategist provide clues to IBM's storage roadmap in data deduplication, thin provisioning, solid-state disks and MAID.

  • April 11, 2008 11 Apr'08

    Tape has soul

    In the cupboard under the stairs is my VHS machine. It chewed up the last two cassettes I attempted to play on it (about 6 years ago). So with an odd assortment of tapes it remains there gathering dust. But for some nostalgic reason I haven't thrown...

  • April 09, 2008 09 Apr'08

    EMC pockets Iomega to create consumer storage division

    After chasing its consumer storage partner for two weeks EMC has finally acquired Iomega and its strong consumer channels for about $213 million (£106.5m).

  • April 09, 2008 09 Apr'08

    Cisco buys Nuova and launches FCoE-compliant switch

    Cisco buys subsidiary Nuova Systems and pushes out its first Fibre Channel over Etherent (FCoE) switch; QLogic, Emulex and Intel also launch FCoE products.

  • April 09, 2008 09 Apr'08

    Xiotech unveils self-healing storage systems at SNW

    Xiotech's Emprise storage systems use a proprietary technology to reduce heat and vibration. Xiotech claims that an Emprise system will incur zero service events over five years.

  • April 09, 2008 09 Apr'08

    The AA saves £34 million a year with NetApp iSCSI SAN

    Car breakdown service, The AA swaps out EMC and HP/Compaq Fibre Channel SAN for NetApp iSCSI storage, halving IT costs and slashing storage staff from 16 to one.