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Zerto boosts cloud-to-cloud and hybrid cloud replication

Zerto Virtual Replication version 6 allows hybrid cloud data protection operations across on-premises datacentres and Amazon, Microsoft and IBM clouds, and 350-plus service providers

Zerto has upgraded its multi-platform hybrid cloud data protection product to include full bi-directional operations between on-premises virtualised datacentres and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and IBM clouds, as well as with more than 350 cloud service provider offerings.

The move to Virtual Replication 6 added replication in and out of AWS where that had only previously been one-way, into the Amazon cloud storage platform.

It had taken longer to develop in AWS, said Zerto technology evangelist Gjisbert Janssen van Doorn. “Bi-directional replication to and from Azure was where we started. We try to develop natively via APIs [application programming interfaces] for the clouds we support but that had taken longer with AWS,” he said.

Zerto has also added bi-directional replication with IBM Cloud. Van Doorn said the company had no plan to add support for Google Cloud Platform. “It’s something we’re keeping an eye on. It’s on the wishlist rather than the roadmap,” he said.

Zerto’s AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud capabilities allow a customer to set up replication between those clouds and to and from their on-site VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V virtualised environments.

The company aims to exploit a growing appetite for use of the cloud for certain workloads and often in conjunction – in Hybrid cloud fashion – with on-premises datacentre capacity.

Customers are increasingly also protecting data in one cloud by backing up and replicating to another, and Zerto fits the bill for these scenarios.

“Executing on multi-cloud environments is a major new thing,” said van Doorn. “Using the cloud as a disaster recovery site, for example, is easy to do, and provides on-demand capacity and the ability to only use the space you need.”

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  • We look at what’s possible when it comes to hybrid cloud, what types of data and what hybrid cloud architectures can combine on-premises and cloud storage capacity.
  • Hybrid cloud storage optimises the opportunities provided by the cloud while recognising and working with its limitations.

“It is increasingly common for customers to, for example, use the Azure cloud but to want to guarantee that by replicating to another cloud,” said van Doorn.

Zerto also has analytics that give a single view from across all environments in use to provide, for example, information on possible RPO and RTO and history of any SLA breaches, as well as space/capacity usage and network data.

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