Big data analytics

  • April 17, 2019 17 Apr'19

    How UnaBiz is disrupting the IoT market in APAC

    From offering low-cost connectivity to hardware design and integration services, the Singapore-based technology supplier is causing a stir in the internet-of-things market

  • April 08, 2019 08 Apr'19

    How APAC firms can tame the data beast

    Companies and data management experts across Asia-Pacific reveal how they are tackling data management challenges that have been compounded by growing cloud usage and compliance requirements

  • April 05, 2019 05 Apr'19

    Interview: Innovating with data science

    Amadeus’s head of data science for innovation, Baptiste Chatrain, discusses his GitHub page and how the business innovates with data

  • March 22, 2019 22 Mar'19

    London launches open data cultural map

    The collated data on the capital's cultural locations is hoped to support local authorities, property developers and associations develop existing clusters and build creative infrastructure

  • March 20, 2019 20 Mar'19

    IBM demos quantum leap in artificial intelligence

    Working with MIT and Oxford university, the researchers have looked at how quantum computing can accelerate data classification in machine learning

  • March 19, 2019 19 Mar'19

    Government launches investigation into AI bias

    Advisory body will look at how systems that support decision-making may have inherent algorithmic biases that need to be taken into account

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