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HPE Discover 2024: Deloitte develops Gen AI industrial digitisation use case

Deloitte teams with enterprise networking firm on first use NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE product portfolio to help manufacturers build and operate secure-by-design manufacturing simulations

Looking to accelerate manufacturing simulations that can unlock industrial digitisation, professional services company Deloitte has announced a collaboration with NVIDIA and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) that brings together its existing industry knowledge, AI and technology capabilities within the NVIDIA AI Computing by HPE solution portfolio.

The collaboration is part of Deloitte’s Industry Advantage programme, which provides a commitment to co-investing and innovating with alliances to target industry- and sector-specific problems and help drive impactful transformation for its clients.

Deloitte’s first industry-specific use case through the collaboration will be a digital twin application built on the NVIDIA Omniverse platform and HPE GreenLake solution.

Moreover, the solution portfolio features HPE Private Cloud AI, the recently announced turnkey full-stack private cloud co-developed by HPE and NVIDIA. It is seen as being able to help Deloitte’s clients accelerate time to value through the co-development of industry-focused generative AI (GenAI) applications and use cases.

“Amid a marketplace moving at breakneck speed, GenAI can unlock game-changing insights and enormous business value, but its success requires an agile approach that targets business transformation through an industry-specific lens and is rooted in data modernisation,” said Jim Rowan, AI market activation leader and principal at Deloitte Consulting, explaining the rationale for the new collaboration.

“As leaders seek high-performing enterprise AI and data solutions that tackle their most critical business challenges, our collaboration with HPE and NVIDIA marks a natural next step in our commitment to bringing our clients actionable insights backed…full-stack accelerated computing.”

The new application uses Deloitte’s rapid use case development methodology and accelerators to help manufacturing organisations at all stages of digital maturity extract and manage the data needed to pioneer, engineer and deploy manufacturing simulations.

As an example, HPE notes that organisations can incorporate new, previously undiscovered data to simulate outcomes, test the efficiency of new greenfield facility designs, predict potential issues, develop and test new products or differing chemical makeups among other applications.

The Smart Factory by Deloitte @ Wichita forms the company’s client experience centre with an ecosystem of 18 solution providers and futurists, which serves as a proving ground for organisations to experience the impact of Industry 4.0.

The centre is also designed to enable firms to experience spatial computing and digital twin offerings from Deloitte’s Unlimited Reality practice, which helps manufacturers deploy industrial digitalisation applications and drive the next wave of digital transformation. The practice has a particular emphasis on enterprise 3D simulation, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse core technologies.

“We’re seeing that manufacturers are prioritising the improvement of their data extraction capabilities in order to run future-looking simulations that de-risk decision-making to contend with today’s complex ecosystems,” added Tim Gaus, principal and smart manufacturing business leader, with Deloitte Consulting.

“Our collaboration with HPE and NVIDIA helps break down common barriers in developing AI-focused solutions, particularly in managing vast amounts of industrial data from a variety of sources, and brings critical information to the edge.

“As organisations continue the shift to software defined manufacturing, this collaboration can help manufacturers integrate siloed systems to improve decision making, security, safety, outcome prediction and much more.”

In addition to the initial manufacturing simulation use case, the collaboration will produce additional industry-specific use cases that use HPE Private Cloud AI’s  capabilities for GenAI, also built on NVIDIA accelerated computing technology and NVIDIA AI Enterprise software.

“The expanded collaboration with Deloitte, NVIDIA and HPE to deliver industry-focused AI solutions will accelerate time to value with AI,” said Marc Waters, senior vice-president, customer success, services and solutions, HPE. “The co-developed AI solutions will simplify the AI lifecycle and enable enterprises to accelerate the development of AI use cases that will deliver clear business value.”

Alvin DaCosta, vice-president of the NPN Consulting Organisation at NVIDIA, added: “Generative AI is transforming every industry, and businesses are seeking full-stack infrastructure and software to give them a fast path to adoption. The combination of the most advanced NVIDIA and HPE computing, software and services with Deloitte’s industry expertise helps enterprises accelerate their generative AI deployments.”

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