HPE adds AI cloud option to GreenLake portfolio

Vendor launches first of a number of planned AI offerings as it looks to get more deeply involved with an expanding market opportunity

HPE has signalled that artificial intelligence (AI) is a serious opportunity for the channel, as it added more options to its GreenLake offering.

The vendor used HPE Discover as the backdrop to launch its entry into the AI cloud market with the introduction of HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models (LLMs).

The offering allows customers to privately train, tune and deploy large-scale AI using an HPE sustainable supercomputing platform.

GreenLake has consistently been a channel player for HPE, and this latest offering is also going to be offered to customers via partners.

The vendor has already started to build an ecosystem around the technology, with German AI startup Aleph Alphais the first partner signed up to provide users with a field-proven and ready-to-use LLM to power use cases requiring text and image processing and analysis.

The HPE solution includes access to Luminous, a pre-trained large language model from Aleph Alpha, which is offered in multiple languages, including English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. “We have reached a generational market shift in AI that will be as transformational as the web, mobile and cloud,” said Antonio Neri, president and CEO of HPE.

“HPE is making AI, once the domain of well-funded government labs and the global cloud giants, accessible to all by delivering a range of AI applications, starting with large language models that run on HPE’s proven, sustainable supercomputers. Now, organisations can embrace AI to drive innovation, disrupt markets and achieve breakthroughs with an on-demand cloud service that trains, tunes and deploys models, at scale and responsibly,” he added.

More to come

HPE also indicated that this is the first of its AI offerings and more will be coming in the future, including in the areas of climate modelling, healthcare and life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and transportation.

“By using HPE’s supercomputers and AI software, we efficiently and quickly trained Luminous, a large language model for critical businesses such as banks, hospitals and law firms to use as a digital assistant to speed up decision-making and save time and resources,” said Jonas Andrulis, founder and CEO of Aleph Alpha.

“We are proud to be a launch partner on HPE GreenLake for Large Language Models, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration with HPE to extend Luminous to the cloud and offer it as a service to our end customers to fuel new applications for business and research initiatives.”

The AI offering is being launched in North America this year, and is expected to arrive in Europe early in 2024.

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