Vonage unveils network API availability

Comms platform provider announces network API availability, and claims first-to-market developer registration service to simplify network API access and adoption

Just over two years since the communications platform was acquired by Ericsson to establish a presence in the digital transformation communication platform as a service (CPaaS) arenas, Vonage is accelerating its business comms offer with a move into the world of application programming interfaces (APIs), launching what it said will be a global first-to-market service that will accelerate developer access to network APIs via its own network registry.

The move will see Vonage try to provide a registry service designed to accelerate developer adoption and access to network APIs to deliver business offerings to market faster.

The service will also facilitate communications service providers (CSPs) in scaling the consumption of network APIs by simplifying and standardising the approval process and granting access to network providers’ APIs for application service providers (ASPs).

Just days ago, leading US telco Verizon announced it had entered into a memorandum of understanding with Vonage to introduce network APIs on its network to the Vonage platform and enable the developer community to access network services and capabilities. Integrating the Verizon network services into Vonage’s platform is also intended to enable enterprises to create deeper engagement with consumers across the customer journey to drive a better overall experience and brand loyalty.

The companies are also collaborating in developing new APIs, an important step in creating an ecosystem of network APIs that can be used by developers to build business applications.

The collaboration will build on existing APIs to innovate on next-generation, advanced APIs to drive towards ubiquitous access to network capabilities. This, said Vonage, is essential in realising the full potential of the 5G network, speeding digital transformation in enterprises and creating incremental monetisation of network assets.

At the forthcoming Mobile World Congress 2024, Vonage is to demo a number verification network APIs based on the Camara open source project, set up to define, develop and test APIs, integrating it as an additional channel of silent authentication in Vonage Verify.

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Vonage said these additions demonstrate the extensibility of its CPaaS and the value it provides to CSPs, ASPs and enterprises. It intends to introduce additional Camara-based APIs, such as Verify Location and Device Status, that further address the needs of customers.

“We are excited to present a live demonstration of our Camara-based Number Verification Network API to support our global customers’ needs,” said Colin Brown, vice-president of product for global network platform at Vonage. “The solution securely validates a mobile number from a CSP’s network, effectively mitigating the risks of fraudulent SMS activities that are commonly faced by ASPs today, and enhances overall customer satisfaction by reducing manual authentication processes.

“Supporting developers in this way will accelerate ecosystem growth, deliver new business services to the market, create a better experience for end customers and generate new revenue opportunities.”

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