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Nokia, RouteThis look to enhance Wi-Fi quality, performance

As providing high-quality broadband user experiences in the home has long been a challenge for operators to grapple with, leading tech firms announce in-building wireless connectivity services

Two leading tech providers, Nokia and RouteThis Inc, have unveiled services that address growing in-home Wi-Fi connectivity issues and create, and potentially monetise, better broadband experiences.

Nokia has launched Corteca, an end-to-end home connectivity offering for broadband devices, which simultaneously runs in the home and in the cloud, allowing operators to enhance customer experiences, generate new revenues and reduce operational costs.

The service is designed to address what the comms tech provider said are growing in-home Wi-Fi connectivity issues by providing a combination of advanced Wi-Fi performance and devices in the home.

It said that while service providers are bringing multi-gigabit speeds to the home, more than 40% of households are reporting issues with in-home connectivity. In addition, it said operators remain challenged by today’s in-home Wi-Fi offerings, plagued by complex installation processes, limited interoperability, inconsistent coverage and dead zones that lead to frustrated subscribers.

Commenting on these challenges, Michael Philpott, research director of digital consumer services at research firm Omdia, said: “Providing an unparalleled broadband user experience in the home has long been a challenge that operators continue to grapple with today. Navigating the complex terrain of single Wi-Fi interfaces, device compatibility and user behaviour requires a harmonious symphony of technical expertise and customer-centric solutions. Having the ability to both manage the devices in the home and deliver value applications that can be targeted to each unique customer can be a game changer for operators seeking to drive enhanced user experiences and generate additional revenue.”

Corteca is said to surmount these challenges, providing a combination of advanced Wi-Fi performance and devices in the home along with effective customer support tools and proactive monitoring in the cloud.

The Corteca home connectivity software consists of three elements encompassing cloud, applications and device software. Corteca Cloud is an intelligent controller with a “single pane of glass” interface to manage both home Wi-Fi networks and network-wide broadband device deployments. Corteca Applications supports a marketplace with value-added options so service providers can generate new sources of revenue, while Corteca Device Software powers Nokia’s line-up of broadband devices for fibre, fixed wireless access (FWA) gateways and mesh Wi-Fi beacons.

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In recent trials, Nokia said that with Corteca it has increased peak Wi-Fi throughput by 70% and reduced average handling time of helpdesk calls by 50%.

For its part, RouteThis Inc announced that Kinetic by Windstream has selected its RouteThis Certify platform to enable the highest quality of experience (QoE) across the rapidly expanding fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) install base. The software is designed to guide Kinetic technicians to install an optimised Wi-Fi network, delivering “flawless” wireless connectivity in every device, in every room, from day one.

Kinetic by Windstream said the customer experience begins with a “seamless installation”, and is said to have chosen RouteThis Certify for all new home network installations, as well as support visits, to optimise Wi-Fi connectivity for peak QoE, thereby improving overall customer satisfaction, decreasing churn and reducing repeat truck rolls.

“Working with RouteThis provides us greater reliability, visibility and consistency in our home Wi-Fi network installation and support processes to ensure that all of our customers receive the speed, reliability and security they need,” said Barry Bishop, senior vice-president of field operations at Kinetic by Windstream. “The Certify platform empowers our field technicians with the tools they need to deliver exceptional high-speed internet, without exceptions.”

Kinetic by Windstream selected RouteThis Certify following a month-long field trial that is said to have resulted in a 25% reduction in repeat truck rolls during the first week alone. Additionally, the platform’s visual performance features provided technicians with data that expands opportunities for additional services, including mesh network upgrades, that aid in delivering the best possible customer experience.

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