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Nokia claims first with Wi-Fi 7 product portfolio, enhances wholesale access for FTTH

Nokia unveils portfolio of carrier-grade wireless broadband devices to the market that are more than 3x faster than previous generations, while Altiplano Open Access Solution offers programmable interface to enhance wholesale operational models

Nokia has announced a new carrier-grade portfolio of Wi-Fi 7 devices designed to ensure end-users receive the “ultimate” broadband experience. It has also enhanced its Altiplano Open Access Solution to include new wholesale functions for infrastructure providers seeking to better monetise their fibre networks.

Nokia believes that its Wi-Fi 7 portfolio offers unique capabilities, bringing enhanced experiences to users whether they’re streaming, online gaming, or doing video calls. Supporting a range of low- and high-end devices, the portfolio includes dual-band, tri-band and quad-band configurations to address various regulatory constraints and meet market demands. 

The Beacon 24 range is said to have an “innovative” antenna design and orientation for omnidirectional coverage, which provides enhanced horizontal coverage, as well as vertical coverage for Wi-Fi devices on different floors. In addition, it supports multi-link operations (MLO) across four radio links, which is a new concept that is said to revolutionise Wi-Fi connection speeds, by enabling Wi-Fi devices to simultaneously send and receive data across different frequency bands and channels.

The Wi-Fi 7 portfolio is powered by Nokia’s Corteca software. This works end-to-end, from applications embedded in the device, through the home, and into the cloud. It is designed to maximise Wi-Fi performance at every opportunity. Corteca brings Wi-Fi and device management based on open industry standards (TR-369, EasyMesh) and offers a marketplace with applications – including the party – that runs on fibre optical network terminal (ONT) gateways, FWA gateways and mesh Wi-Fi beacons.

Commenting on the new range, Michael Philpott, research director, digital consumer services at analyst firm Omdia said: “Wi-Fi 7 sets the stage for a faster, more connected future.  However, any solution that is deployed should be compliant with the final Wi-Fi Alliance standard which will be critical to interoperability.  The standard will ensure that Wi-Fi devices work seamlessly together, delivering the quality and connectivity we all depend on in the digital world.”

Justin Doucette, head of Wi-Fi for fixed networks broadband devices at Nokia, added: “The world is moving to multi-gigabit with 25G fibre and 5G mmWave pushing the broadband speeds to the home to new heights.

“Wi-Fi 7 provides capabilities that ensure these multi-gigabit broadband services can be achieved throughout the home. The combination of our Wi-Fi 7 devices and our Corteca software gives operators the tools they need to deliver an unsurpassed broadband experience.”

The Nokia Wi-Fi 7 solutions will be fully certified and compliant with the standard expected to be finalised in early 2024, with the full available in the first half of 2024.

Meanwhile, the Network Wholesale Portal is designed to complement existing capabilities that support fixed access network sharing (FANS) and L2/L3 bitstream services.

Putting the launch into context, Nokia said that having flexibility to offer a range of broadband wholesale services that cater to its customers’ unique needs is paramount for infrastructure providers.

It added that traditional wholesale bitstream offerings lack visibility and control, while the more comprehensive FANS approach requires expertise and resources to fully manage a dedicated slice of the network. Nokia warned that there is no middle-ground scenario for ISPs that do not want to be confined by the lack of network visibility but also don’t have the resources to define their own service offerings.  

With Nokia’s Network Wholesale Portal, broadband wholesalers and neutral hosts can “gain the flexibility to develop service offerings that cater to any size provider”. The new features have been released to deliver enhanced network insights, simplify service management and streamline OSS/BSS integration efforts.

Altiplano Open Access adds a transparent controller interface that allows providers’ OSS and support organisations to resolve issues that may come up, while the system and administrative controls remain in the hands of the wholesaler.

It is also said to lower the operational costs related to sharing OLT, ONU and outside plant, simplifying interactions to handle service requests or extend the service catalogue.

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