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Beeinfotech PH opens telco-neutral datacentre in the Philippines

Datacentre startup is touting carrier neutrality, bespoke services and cyber security capabilities to meet the growing demand for co-location services in the Philippines

Datacentre startup Beeinfotech PH has opened its first datacentre in the Philippines to tap the growing demand for colocation services in the country.

Billed as the country’s largest telco-neutral datacentre, the million-peso facility is spread across three floors of over 6,000meach, with enough room to reach up to a 45U rack height and hold more than 3,000 racks – the highest within a single datacentre in the island nation.

According to a report from Grand View Research, the global datacentre colocation industry is expected to grow at a 13.3% compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2028, led by demand in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Philippines, in particular, is expected to increase its rack space to 400,000ft2 by 2024. Among the growth factors cited are the increased complexity of building and maintaining datacentre facilities and the benefit of scaling up infrastructure to accommodate larger data volumes, which have grown further during the pandemic.

Reynaldo Huergas, president and CEO of Beeinfotech PH, said Covid-19 has pushed companies and the government to bolster their digital infrastructure and integrate more digital-based systems to protect employees and serve customers and citizens better.

But this endeavour can be difficult in the face of the pandemic’s economic impact and the increasing complexity of managing IT infrastructure, said Huergas.

“Our datacentre facility assists businesses in their digital transformation efforts by delivering critical IT management expertise and solutions that, once outsourced, can propel businesses further in their growth and development, even in these difficult times,” he added.

As a telco-neutral datacentre, Beeinfotech PH’s facility, located in Pasig City, allows enterprises to choose from multiple connections from different telecoms providers, based on their needs.

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Also, telco-neutrality adds redundancy to a company’s connection. For example, if one network goes offline, Beeinfotech PH can transfer a client to another connection to maintain accessibility.

The datacentre also provides bespoke colocation solutions that can reduce a company’s IT costs. Its floors follow the open design and elastic floor concepts that support requirements such as special enclosures, zoning and caging.

Enterprises can also tap the datacentre’s security operations centre to detect, analyse and respond to cyber threats such as distributed denial of service and phishing attacks, along with disaster recovery capabilities to recover and restore their infrastructure in case of disasters.

Besides Beeinfotech PH, Alibaba Cloud is planning to open a new datacentre in the Philippines later this year in an aggressive move to expand its presence across Southeast Asia.

Alibaba Cloud’s first datacentre in the Philippines is likely to give it a head start on its global cloud rivals – which have yet to set up cloud regions in the country – as cloud adoption among Filipino firms matures.

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