MWC 2021: Totogi aims to ‘do for telcos what Salesforce did for CRM’

Public cloud telco software launches charging engine to achieve what it says is the world’s best performance benchmark of one million transactions per second with usage-based pricing with free tier option for CSPs

Taking advantage of the resurrected MWC by driving home the message of the public cloud in the telecommunications market, telco software provider Totogi has launched with what it says is the first webscale real-time charging and plan design engines for telco and the webscale BSS platform.

The company describes itself as being focused on building for the public cloud, claiming it has been “operating in stealth mode” until today, backed by a $100m investment in Totogi in May 2021. Danielle Royston, CEO and founder of TelcoDR, is serving as acting CEO of Totogi to accelerate the next phase of the company’s growth.

Commenting on the launch of Totogi, she said: “Totogi represents everything I’ve been talking about over the past few years about the public cloud. Totogi is entering the market with a webscale platform that can do for telcos what Salesforce did for CRM in the early 2000s.”

The $100m investment is claimed to illustrate that this new startup has the capital and resources needed to build the most innovative telco software solution on the market, offering usage-based pricing the telecoms industry has been clamouring for.

“Totogi will enable telco executives to use their valuable network data to drive meaningful customer engagement,” said Royston. “I’m thrilled to act as CEO and help this great team to drive big change in the telco industry.”

With the new Totogi Charging System, the company said it is harnessing the power of the public cloud to deliver real-time, webscale charging with “unmatched” performance; intelligent plan design with nearly instantaneous deployment; and AI/ML-driven hyper-personalisation at scale.

The Totogi Charging System is also said to have marked its launch by announcing it has achieved an industry-leading performance benchmark of handling one million transactions per second (TPS), with a commitment to doubling this figure every six months. Totogi is also announcing its new webscale BSS platform, which has achieved gold status with TM Forum as it supports 12 of the TM Forum Open Digital Architecture APIs, with plans to support the full set by the end of 2021.

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Totogi says that it has purpose-built its charging and BSS systems specifically for the public cloud, meaning they can be accessed via the web without the need to install anything on-premise, an advantage of the public cloud’s capacity and ability to eliminate disaster recovery planning as the system scales and fails over automatically.

Totogi adds that being built on the public cloud also means offers all the cost benefits of the hyperscalers and expects the systems to be 80% lower TCO as compared with private cloud and on-premise systems.

In what it claims is an industry first, Totogi will offer usage-based pricing, starting with a free tier option for CSPs. There is no cost to use Totogi Charging System for up to five hundred million transactions per month and no cost to use Totogi BSS for up to five hundred million API calls per month. This tier level is said to typically aligns with CSPs that have 250,000 or fewer subscribers. 

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