Vodafone Spain modernises customer relationship management platform with Amdocs

Modernisation programme aims to enable Vodafone Spain to reduce the total cost of ownership and improve operational efficiency, automation and performance of its CRM system

Vodafone Spain has expanded its technology supply agreement with Amdocs to modernise its customer relationship management (CRM) system and maximise the benefits and return on investment from its specialised, uniquely tailored customer management system.

As part of the deal, Amdocs’ open and dynamic portfolio will provide a future-proof, modernised, underlying application infrastructure platform, empowering Vodafone Spain to improve the efficiency and performance of its CRM platform.

The new project builds on work that began in February 2020 when Vodafone Spain engaged Amdocs’ digital engagement capabilities to unify its customer journeys across multiple online channels for quicker and more personalised experiences. The project was intended to enable Vodafone Spain to understand its customer journeys across all assisted and unassisted touchpoints of the digital business, including SMS, Facebook, Twitter, website and in-app interactions.

By partnering with Amdocs in what it called the Unified Digital Engagement project, Vodafone Spain was said to be in a position to be able to better understand its customers and the context of all interactions, and growing commerce revenue by making more relevant predictive care and promotional offers to customers, including integration with TOBi, Vodafone’s virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence.

In the new project, Amdocs will work hand-in-hand with Vodafone Spain in managing the modernisation of its CRM system, which is expected to enable Vodafone Spain to reduce its total cost of ownership, improve operational efficiency, automation and performance and advance the company along its Tech 2025 modernisation journey.

“One of the key elements of Vodafone’s Tech 2025 strategy is to ensure infrastructure and applications are reliable and modernised, in order to provide outstanding service to our consumer and enterprise customers,” said a Vodafone Spain spokesperson. “We are delighted to have expanded our agreement with Amdocs as we look to modernise our CRM platform, and ensure our infrastructure is ready to support the future of exciting, innovative new services in the 5G era.

Anthony Goonetilleke, group president of media, network and technology at Amdocs, added: “CSPs worldwide are embarking on an accelerated journey to transform their business, prepare for new services and monetisation opportunities in the 5G and cloud era, and deliver an enhanced customer experience. We are pleased to continue working alongside Vodafone Spain in its modernisation journey.”

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