Toob teams with Neos Networks to facilitate full-fibre

Broadband provider and connectivity firm will utilise growing UK fibre network to deliver reliable broadband services addressing the needs of consumers in Hampshire and Surrey

UK connectivity provider Neos Networks has announced another stage in its business partnership with broadband provider Toob to support the emerging telco’s connectivity offerings across the south of England.

Starting life in 2019, Toob describes itself as a brand new full-fibre broadband provider on a mission to transform the south of England’s internet experience. It promises to deliver the fastest broadband in the region, enabling homes, businesses, public services and community groups to experience “life-changing” full-fibre connectivity.

The partnership between the two firms, which began in June 2020 with the signing of a 20-year contract, is designed to enable Toob to utilise existing Neos Networks subducts to deploy its network. This will help it to expand its network footprint to provide customers with its full-fibre broadband connectivity.

The two telcos have been working closely over the past year to deploy a connectivity project across Southampton. A new project across Camberley and Farnborough, Surrey, is due to begin roll-out later this year.

By utilising Neos Networks’ pre-existing infrastructure, Toob says it will avoid the need for costly, time-consuming digs that are disruptive to local residents. This will enhance its deployment speeds, keep costs down and is a more environmentally conscious decision. The relationship also supports Toob’s Southampton network to deliver service to more than 100,000 premises, with the new network in the Surrey towns of Camberley, Farnborough, Ash and Aldershot delivering service to a further 100,000 premises.

The partnership is part of larger efforts to help drive the UK’s connectivity ambitions and future-proof the south of England by expanding regional connectivity opportunities. Neos Networks says the rise of UK altnets such as Toob is a key part of this, offering competitive connectivity alternatives compared with the major UK network providers.

“We are delighted to be a trusted partner for Toob, an emerging UK telco with ambitious growth plans,” said Pete Asman, MD for public sector and enterprise at Neos Networks. “This is a great collaborative relationship and a clear example of how Neos Networks is committed to supporting rapid network expansion that aids the future-proofing of the UK’s digital economy.

“These Hampshire and Surrey regions in the south of England, often overlooked compared to popular urban districts, will benefit hugely from the partnership.”

Nick Parbutt, CEO at Toob, added: “Toob is rapidly expanding its network to allow consumers and small businesses to fully benefit from the advantages of full-fibre supported by Neos Networks infrastructure. The partnership with Neos Networks will be a significant help in our drive to deliver a network to more than one million premises over the next six years.”

The news comes just after Neos Networks launched a cost-effective, sub-1Gbps solution to support growing demand for full-fibre connectivity. Neos described the service as “perfect” for organisations with smaller sites that are unsuitable for services above 1Gbps, but are too mature for standard broadband connectivity and can make good use of a cost-effective sub-1Gbps Ethernet hybrid system which has been purpose-built to support growing demand for a full suite of Ethernet services.

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