Ministry of Defence releases defence data management strategy

The report sets out how the department will improve the way it manages and uses data

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has published a report that outlines how it will enhance the way it manages and uses data.

The Defence data management strategy 2020 supports the department’s goals to be a data-driven organisation, enhance its existing data setup and create new opportunities for wide data exploitation.

According to the report, the MoD sees more effective use of data, information and the systems that manage and process data as “vital enablers of both operational advantage and business transformation”.

“New and emerging technologies can provide better capabilities to our operations and greater efficiency in our supporting functions, but success will require us to consider data differently,” it noted.

“If we are to deliver improvements at speed and scale, then we must start with managing our data far more effectively than we do today,” the report added.

A set of seven strategic objectives is outlined in the document. These goals relate to areas such as improvements of the availability and accessibility of defence data and implementation of data governance across the MoD, so the department can ensure the accountabilities and responsibilities for its data management.

The document also outlines goals such as improving the quality and veracity of the data at the MoD, ensuring the integrity, confidentiality and security of data, and driving the consistent use of decision-making data across the department to improve coherency in the information produced from it.

In addition, the MoD wants to enable the exploitation of new data-driven technologies to meet information, business and operational challenges. It also wants to improve the knowledge, education and behaviours of its teams to ensure data is managed as a strategic asset.

According to the report, activity has already started to deliver core services that will act as the foundations for the exploitation of digital services. It noted that the department is working on conceptual approaches to a single information environment and digital battlespace capabilities.

“Our knowledge and understanding of the power of good data is evident through our innovation in equipment and services demonstrated through our growing use and investment in modern data technologies and the delivery of automated services to simplify existing administrative processes,” it stated.

“However, defence needs to grow its data capabilities to ensure we can support the demand and keep pace with our allies and adversaries and continue to be an effective global defence force in the 21st century,” the report stressed.

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