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Gemalto partners on track for fresh programme

The security specialist is in the last stages of preparation before it cuts the ribbon on a fresh partner programme

The vast majority of Gemalto's resellers are on course to be ready for the roll-out of the vendor's refreshed partner programme early next year.

The authentication and encryption specialist has been transitioning its business to become more channel based and is announced in July that it was launching a revised partner programme on 1 February next year.

Working with its sole distribution partner Exclusive Networks one of the main features of the fresh partner programme is an increase in the training and support partners are being offered.

With GDPR driving demand for encryption the vendor is looking to educate more of its existing channel base around that technology to help partners tap into the growing demand for data security products.

Phil Holmes, channel director at Gemalto, said that most partners were ready for the new programme and although it had not been designed to attract fresh sign-ups its positive approach to the channel had made it a more attractive target.

"We are pressing them to make sure they fulfil the programme requirements," he added "but we are not doing this to increase the partner base but there could be a natural increase in partners."

To increase the support for partners the firm is starting the year with a handful of fresh hires in the direct touch team, which is developing leads for resellers.

The other reason for Gemalto coming onto the radar of more partners is the ability of the frm to deliver encryption, which is crucial for firms trying to make sure they are compliant with the GDPR data protection rules that come into force in six months time.

Holmes confirmed it was experiencing lots of interest because of the role its core encryption product would play in helping customers deal with GDPR.

"One of the only technologies that is referenced directly in the GDPR [documentation] is encryption and we have seen over 100% year on year rise," he said.

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