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GDPR set to be a channel earner for years to come

The disruption caused by GDPR should be a chance for the channel to deliver services and technology well beyond its introduction next year

There has been plenty of talk already about GDPR and it is going to remain one of the main disruptors in the channel for the rest of the decade.

IT services player Agilitas commissioned OnePoll to find out what channel leaders thought would be the big issues and found that dealing with data regulations is going to be right up there.

The European data regulations, which come into force next year, are expected to be the biggest disruptive factor with many resellers trying to take advantage of that situation.

“Our research merely reinforces the fact that, while there are significant challenges in the channel, the industry is rolling with the punches and taking the glass-half-full approach towards disruptive factors,” said Shaun Lynn, CEO of Agilitas.

As well as identifying disruption as one trend the survey also signalled a change in the generations with a quarter of those channel leaders quizzed looking to millenials to take senior roles between now and 2020.

The hopes are that those younger staff will introduce new ways of working and roll out innovations that will improve efficiences and save some money.

“The onset of fresh faces into the industry, whether this is more millennials in senior positions or new-to-market vendors, will undoubtedly have an advantage, as they are unburdened with an historical way of operating,” said Lynn.

“This only reminds traditional vendors that they need to re-assess their entire business model in order to remain relevant to the requirements of their customers," he added.

Agilitas has been running a number of surveys as part of a series of reports on the destination of the channel by 2020.

Earlier this summer it found that many resellers were expecting growth, with that coming from OPEX based support services.

Disruption opportunities

The Agilitas commissioned research found that many in the channel saw an opportunity to use change as a positive
• 35% of channel leaders believed disruptive trends would increase the cost of maintaining infrastructure
• 36% of IT channel leaders saw new-to-market vendors leading disruption, with a quarter believing those exclusively providing cloud solutions will take the lead

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