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TmaxSoft expanding European channel numbers

Vendor is looking to recruit and support partners that can help it achieve EMEA growth ambitions

Oracle rival TmaxSoft is looking to boost its channel numbers to support growth ambitions across Europe and increase the support it can provide existing partners.

The South Korean vendor gets around 70% of its revenues via the channel but wants to increase its partner base and help improve the skills and knowledge of its portfolio.

The firm is looking to expand the partner base by 50% in the next couple of years and is on the hunt for specialists that can help it take the fight to Oracle in the cloud and infrastructure space.

An EMEA partner conference later this month is going to be used as as a chance to encourage partners to gain knowledge and skills of the product portfolio.

“We know that there is a major opportunity throughout Europe to make a real difference to end users and our partners but we need the right specialist partners to help us make an impact in this critical market for us," said Carl Davis, CEO of TmaxSoft UK.

“We’ve made considerable progress in a short amount of time across Europe and our EMEA Partner Conference will give us an important opportunity for us to come together with our partners to share best practices and ensure that they are in a position to make the most out of our solutions," he added.

"Ultimately, we only succeed as a business if our partners succeed so it’s important that we do everything we can to support them,” he continued.

"These partnerships are a key component to driving our growth momentum in the EMEA as we are aim to replicate the success that we have had in our native market in South Korea, where we have secured over 40% of the domestic market,” he said.

The firm has been expanding its infrastructure across Europe, opening offices in France, Germany and Spain.

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