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BookingBug formalises channel approach

Booking appointment specialist is recruiting more resellers as it look to increase indirect business

Online appointment software player BookingBug is looking to work more formally with the channel and extend its partner network.

Over the years the firm has worked with a few partners on an ad hoc basis but the market conditions have caused it to set up a more formal structure for resellers.

The increase in customer requests for online appointment systems as part of a digital transformation project is largely behind the surge of interest in this area of the software market.

"The demand for a way to join online and offline customer experience has reached such a point that we felt it was time to formalise the programme and open up availability more broadly," said Les Baker, alliances director at BookingBug.

"It’s becoming normal for banks, governments and retailers to seek out new ways to improve the customer experience, especially online to offline. And as channel partners see more demand, they have been approaching us in growing numbers," he added.

Baker said that more customers were realising that they needed to use technology to make sure they could manage the interactions with their most important clients.

"We’re now actively recruiting implementation partners with strong Angular and Javascript skills and market understanding in areas like retail, retail finance, local government, education and healthcare," he said.

He added that it was broadly looking for partners that fell into three segments. It had already signed some in the first category of implementation partners, with Field Dynamics having put the software into a number of public sector customers. 

BookingBug is also courting technology companies, like accounting and CRM players that could integrate the software into their offerings. Finally, there are general resellers that are turning to the vendor when the opportunity arises.

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