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NetApp signals hyper converged channel opportunity

The data player is encouraging partners to get involved with a technology that is in demand from customers

NetApp is expecting the growing demand for hyper converged solutions will benefit channel partners that have already enjoyed riding the wave of interest in flash.

The storage giant is holding its Insight event in Berlin this week and is banging the drum not only for flash but also for hyper converged.

The days when the firm was slow to get involved with the latest storage technologies are now history and NetApp is one of the leaders in the flash space and is keen to do the same in the hyper converged arena.

Adam Tarbox, UK director of partners and pathways at NetApp, said that looking forward there were also going to be chances to get involved with IoT and the data side of that world.

"If you think of hyper converged it is [having a positive impact] on some of the partner community," he added "It is an opportunity for a broader conversation about the performance that the customer is looking for."

"We want the partners to get involved with some of the service opportunities and unleash new systems and performance," he said.

Tarbox said that there were still plenty of indications from customers that they were looking for help with cloud and hyper converged.

"This is a big growth market for the partners to address," he added "Hyper converged opens up new opportunities and markets and the partners also have their installed technology customers to talk to."

The theme of the Insight event in Berlin is to "empower customers to change the world with data". It builds on moves by the firm to position itself as a data player rather than just a hardware provider.

Henri Richard, NetApp executive vice president, worldwide field and customer operations, used his keynote at the event to talk about how customers were driving the demand for change.

"Every customer I am talking to is trying to figure out how to digitally transform themselves and how to leverage technology to do so. and ultimately how to utilise data to gain a fundamental advantage," he said.


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