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Computacenter ahead of expectations

A trading update has revealed that the channel player is enjoying a very strong finish to the year

Computacenter's shareholders have been given a signal that it’s going to be a good and prosperous end to the fiscal year with the firm ahead of expectations.

There have been a few announcements from the firm in the past few weeks with Neil Hall becoming UK managing director, the Q3 numbers coming out and that being followed by the decision to set up a base in Dublin to serve the Irish market.

The decision to set up an office on the other side of the Irish Channel was a step taken to ensure that post-Brexit Computacenter has a close link to European markets. It should also provide the chance to bring in even more revenue across the Group.

The evidence that the difficult times the channel player had to deal with in the market last year are becoming a distant memory continues to mount up.

"Following a strong start to the fourth quarter and the visibility of a growing pipeline for the rest of 2017, Computacenter's Board believes that the Group's trading result for the 2017 financial year will now be comfortably in excess of its previous expectations," the firm stated in an trading update.

Shareholders will be pleased to hear that the firm intends making a one off return in Q4 of £100m. The full year results are due out towards the end of January, where the firm will provide more details of its performance.

Q3 numbers that came out at the end of last month showed that there had been revenue growth of 8% in the UK business as customers started to spend.

The third quarter showed that the UK was still growing slightly slower than the group’s international units, but third quarter sales of £335m, up from £310m one year ago, improved its year-to-date position to growth of 6%.

Computacenter added that UK services revenue in the third quarter increased by 7% while supply chain revenue grew by 9%.

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