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DevOps player ECS Digital snaps up QAWorks

Growing its indirect channel relationships is one of the aims of the move by ECS Digital to acquire QAWorks

One of the motivations behind the acquisition by DevOps specialist ECS Digital of QAWorks was to grow the firm's channel links.

ECS Digital is involved with some channel partner projects and expects to increase that volume once it adds software testing player QAWorks.

The combined company will be known as ECS Digital and have a turnover approaching £10m, which is expected to continue to grow over 100% year on year. Details of the acquisition were not disclosed.

A fairly hefty chunk of IT budgets goes on testing and that is expected to increase over the next few years. ECS Digital has been trying to ease the process of delivering software services and the acquisition is part of that strategy.

"This acquisition is driven by the need for greater levels of innovation and customer engagement within many companies, and the ever-rising benchmark of high performance.   By combining testing and DevOps, companies can ensure that software is designed with how the customer is going to use it in mind and tested on that basis. Development and delivery will be accelerated as testing is done as part of development rather than separately," said Andy Cureton, founder and managing director of ECS Digital.

ECS Digital has signaled an ambition to increase the number and size of its indirect channel partnerships. Given a more complete solution should make it more attractive to those seeking help with software development.

That merging of different disciplines was one of the reasons why Jason Westhorpe, managing director at QAWorks, opted to join forces with ECS Digital.

“Continuous Delivery and DevOps has seen the once independent disciplines of infrastructure automation, continuous integration, deployment automation and so on, merge into software delivery pipelines," he said.

"Businesses that are increasingly reorganising around products or customer journeys and adopting DevOps and Continuous Delivery practices, are now benefitting the most. It’s no longer enough to be a specialist in one discipline such as testing," he added.   

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