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WWT extends UK presence with Asynchrony arrival

The commitment to the UK from World Wide Technology (WWT) continues to increase with the decision by the firm to set up its mobility solutions arm in London

World Wide Technology (WWT) has extended its commitment to the UK market with its software development army Asynchrony Labs setting up shop in London.

Asynchrony, which is an Apple mobility partner that works with the vendor in an R7D role, with access to alpha and beta products, has cut the ribbon an a European HQ in Canary Wharf.

The move comes four years after WWT set up shop in the UK bringing its tech integration approach that has worked well in the US for a quarter of a century over this side of the Atlantic.

“London has been on our radar for a long time and we’re delighted to be expanding the tech community into Canary Wharf," said Kelly White, WWT Asynchrony Labs London general manager.

"Canary Wharf represents the real strength of London – as a meeting place between fantastic tech innovation and longstanding financial services expertise. Even after Brexit, we think that London is where technology will increasingly impact enterprise," added White.

Ben Boswell, who has been running WWT in Europe, said that many customers were finding that they needed more than a one size fits all approach and were working with channel players that could help them solve technical problems.

“Companies that did not previously consider themselves technology firms are finding that they need to integrate new technology at great speed. Innovation is linked to profitability but all too often the link is not fully made between business outcome and technology delivery. Frankly, the emerging technology market is proliferated by immature solutions and undisciplined agile development practices, which do not lend themselves to immediate at scale deployment. At enterprise level, this simply doesn’t fly," he said.

Speaking to MicroScope earlier this year Boswell outlined ambitions for the UK, which involved leaning heavily on its technical expertise and ability to deliver engineered solutions.

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