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Kaspersky warns MSPs to up their security game

MSPs offering a general mix of services, including security, are at risk of leaving customers exposed and getting themselves in trouble warns the security vendor

In an ideal world the security side of managed services would be picked up by specialists that have a long history and experience of protecting customers against threats.

The reality is that although the managed security service provider category is growing the bulk of protection against cyber threats is being delivered by MSPs.

Some of those managed service players are struggling to get staff with the right cyber security skills and some are finding it difficult to remotely monitor and manage customer environments.

According to Kaspersky Labs there are real dangers that some of the current security offerings from MSPs will fall short and leave users exposed to risks.

“For service providers, it’s not enough to simply have cybersecurity services in their portfolio. One damaging incident such as a ransomware infection can undermine their reputation and affect relationships with customers,” said Vladimir Zapolyansky, head of SMB Business at Kaspersky.

The security vendor found that 92% of MSPs now include cybersecurity as part of the portfolio of services they offer and many believe that providing it gives them a better reputation.

Three quarters of those MSPs quizzed by the vendor also expected the provision of security services would gain them new customers as well as keeping existing accounts on board.

The study also revealed that MSPs listed security as one of the main concerns for their customers with many looking for a service that would block ransomware.

But skill shortages along with issues remotely deploying and managing security solutions are causing headaches.

The advice from Zapolyansky to MSPs was to choose security products that had been designed with an service provider in mind and were easy to deploy and manage.

The debate about the value of turning to an MSSP rather than MSP when it comes to security issues will run and run.

Earlier this week, Check Point's global head of threat prevention & VP of emerging products Nathan Shuchami, suggested that MSSPs were best placed to help users fend off ransomware attacks.

"SMB and Soho customers do not want to deal with it and will outsource it to others to take care of the internet, mail and security. More MSSPs have approached us to protect both SMEs and small enterprise customers," he said.

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