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Dell EMC heralds progress of its unified channel programme

It has been five months since the unified partner programme was launched, a chance to see a quarter's worth of business, and the vendor has been pleased with the results

One of Dell EMC's most senior channel executives has heralded the progress of the vendor's unified partner programme, which was made available to all of its resellers at the start of February.

With one quarter and a couple of months gone since the vendor rolled out the partner programme, which would give a single experience for Dell and EMC resellers, the reaction appears to have been positive.

Cheryl Cook, senior vice president, global channel marketing at Dell EMC, said that it had put a lot of effort into designing a programme that would be simple, profitable and predictable and so far the introduction of the scheme had not impacted momentum.

"Having just now successfully completed our first programme first quarter we have been delighted with the results and the performance. We continue to get strong positive momentum and locally double digit growth in the channel. Regionally and geographically things are pretty balanced and there was pretty strong performance and the UK market had a good channel growth quarter," she said.

"Some of the priorities of the new programme and the areas that we focused on are also showing some positive signs. We had some indicators and built the incentive structure such that it would drive new business and new logos. We are seeing handsome adoption and positive momentum in the number of new customers and deal registrations are up double digit and services revenue is up double digit. So early indications are good and I am proud of our channel community and our sales teams," she added.

Cook said that one of the commitments that the vendor made to ensuring its channel model was fair was that it would take a zero tolerance approach to anyone who broke the rules, both internally and externally, around deal registration.

"We have had an instance where we have had to take action internally for inappropriate behaviour and we have actually taken action externally and terminated a couple of partners for inappropriate behavior, to offer the fidelity and the integrity to the fact we will enforce the programme that we launched," she added "We absolutely mean what we say and we are enforcing it."

One of the other ambitions of the partner programme was to encourage partners to sell more of the vendor's portfolio now that Dell and EMC channels are combined. Cook said there were signs that cross selling was starting to happen.

"We do fundamentally believe that one of the biggest opportunities for our partners is the cross sell potential," she added "We are seeing new business incentives to motivate partners to undertake this cross sale opportunity."

"We have seen a big uptake in how many new customers the channel is bringing us and nice engagement in new business incentives they are earning," added Cook.

The other area that had been busy in the first quarter of the unified programme was on the training front. Partners have been given a year to get trained up to hit the levels they want to be certified at before next February and quite a lot have been doing that. There was also plenty of activity around gaining cross sale skills.

Cook said that Dell EMC had ambitions to grow its server, storage and client businesses and is looking to the channel to get involved with those areas and take advantage of the opportunities that were out in the market.

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