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Data revenue climbs at TalkTalk Business

The channel is delivering customers and revenue growth according to preliminary results from TalkTalk

TalkTalk has been able to point to the impact the channel has had selling IP voice producsta as one of the highlights in the firm's forthcoming set of full year results.

Premliminary results for the 12 months to 31 March ahowed that talkTalk Business had seen a 30% increase in data revenue with customers starting to make the move away from ISDN lines to IP alternatives.

A total of 116 partners have signed up to sell the firm's IP voice products, which helped take the number of SIP channels on the patform up by 65% during the course of the fiscal year.

Overall TalkTalk Business helped the overall Group increase revenues by 4% and is seen as one of the fastest growing parts of the TalkTalk operation.

“We’re incredibly pleased to see TalkTalk Business continue to be one of the highest growth parts of the TalkTalk Group. Even more encouraging is the increase in demand for next generation voice and data services," said Kristine Olson-Chapman, managing director at TalkTalk Business.

"We’re committed to investing in our networks and innovating in the products and services that we offer, to ensure that the UK’s businesses have the tools they need to be world leaders, today and into the future," she added.

A growing awareness among customers that ISDN lines are being switched off in 2025 and there has to be a move towards next generation voice services is sinking in and helping firms like TalkTalk Business take advantage.

In recent weeks there have been calls across the channel for more awareness about the opportunity that the ISDN switch-off presents the channel, with it being seen as a good time for those data specialists that have not yet moved into voice to get involved.

According to Ofcom's recent Communications Market 2016 report there are around 3m ISDN lines in the UK, which represents a sizeable target for the channel to go after.

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