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Exclusive Group rolls out Passport services

The distributor has added a global services offering to its kit bag providing resellers with greater levels of support

Value added distributor Exclusive Group has added a global services operation to the list of activities it can provide the channel to make sure resellers can agree to undertake a wider number of projects for customers.

The distributor has been developing a reputation for value added services and has built up its own engineering staff and ability to service support calls across the globe.

David Ellis, Exclusive Group's director of global services, has been helping develop the Passport Global Services division and said it will provide a resource for many resellers.

"We have been looking at the business and have made a good amount of investment in the business and lots of things have been happening in the background. This links everything up and makes it a gobal proposition," he said.

"Some resellers might have been going for 70% of of project but struggled with the 30% but we can help them with that," he added "We can help plug technology gaps or help a partner that is just getting to grips with a technology."

The Passport services offering is being made available to partners across EMEA and APAC, more than 100 countries, and offers a range of services that includes: consulting, engineering, professional services, logistics, support and training.

The launch is also accompanied by the introduction of the MARS (monitoring, alterting and reporting services) that should appeal to MSPs.

"Lots of partners want to put people on higher value services and want to outsoyrce the monitoring and reporting functions to someone they can trust," said Ellis.

The Passport service is just the latest in a line of innovations that the Exclusive Group has rolled out, including fairly recently a credit arm, and is the sort of activity the value added player believes it should be doing.

"Many partners are at a crossroads and are moving to be more service centric. They are starting to go on that journey and they are looking for good companions to go with them on that journey," said Barrie Desmond, COO of Exclusive Group.

"Our aim is to keep the 'V' in value and develop a vaster range of services. We don't hide from the fact we have a big investment in engineers and support," he added.

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