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Q&A: Sasha Williamson, CEO of Luminet

In an ongoing series of channel conversations Nick Booth talks to another senior channel executive about how to communicate with customers and partners

Often if you ask an IT company what they do, they give such a baffling answer that there is no choice but to use Wikipedia for a common sense explanation. Obviously, the idea of making yourself easily understood is not a popular one in the IT industry. Sadly, there are many companies that don’t look good when illuminated by the daylight of common sense.

So we are asking companies to explain what they do using simple metaphors. Here Sasha Williamson, CEO of ISP Luminet, gamely sets out to put the case for his company..

How would you describe Luminet?

Everyone has a checklist that a new partner must tick before a long term relationship can even be considered – attractive (products), generous (margins) and being trustworthy.

Prospective partners can be reassured that they will receive these attributes in spades if they choose to use intelligent connectivity and computing managed services from Luminet. We have invested millions in infrastructure with the world’s top technology companies to ensure that our product proposition is second to none. 

The technology is enhanced by our human touch. We have a Net Promoter Score of 42 - the UK telco average is 17. That shows our commitment to partner relationships.

What sort of partners do you like? Name the types you find attractive.

Partners with a mutual appreciation for integrity, innovation, trustworthiness and customer satisfaction: from end-user relationship controllers to ICT partners with customers to manage.

We are also actively looking for vertical service partners [who are into] telecoms, technology, media, professional services and finance.


What sort of partner would make you ‘swipe left’

We swipe right when the values are in sync. We pride ourselves on customer centricity* and sharing this commitment is key. Cloud services can only ever be as good as the network and we are confident that our connectivity solution is the best on the market, with a large amount of excess capacity for wholesale.


How supportive is Luminet? 

You won’t ever find a more supportive partner. We assist with bespoke customer requests, help to solve way leave issues and deliver hybrid cloud connects to over 450 cloud suppliers on-net.


Where would you take Luminet partners, if you wanted to impress them?

If we wanted to impress we would take them to the top of the world and give them a 360-degree view – but as much as we would both enjoy the view we do believe that they would we rather invest in areas that help them drive revenues.


How will Luminet nurture its channel?

We have invested heavily in the functionality of our online portal, which fully automates all marketing and sales processes for our channel partners. This makes it simpler, easy and faster to order and reorder services and gives better value and margins.

Last year we launched Fibre Air,  a wireless business Internet service that can be installed in five days. Partners reselling traditional fibre leased lines usually wait 90 days for installation. With Fibre Air partners can offer customers 1GB symmetrical broadband Internet connectivity almost straight away, so they can immediately start billing.


Will Luminet protect them?

We own our core and wireless networks, so partners can feel reassured and safe that there are no  interdependencies out of our control.


Tell us more:

Our channel programme is based on three options: wholesale white label  (usually layer two interconnected) or layer three where the partner can bill customers themselves, or we can bill the customer for them. 

Flexible, trustworthy, open minded and willing to try new things – we think we have the recipe for a perfect partnership.

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