Sage highlights accountancy opportunity

Accountants are looking to use technology to reduce admin and Sage has signaled many are ripe for a positive channel pitch

Sage has signaled that those channel players that sell into the accountancy market should be set for some growth as that customer base begins to actively invest in the latest technology.

To coincide with the Sage Summit, which is running in East London over the next couple of days, the vendor released some research that indicated that 86% of accountants were ready to use technology that could reduce admin tasks.

The Practice of Now report also found that accountants were not feeling threatened by technology with almost all of them confident about the future although many expected parts of their role to become automated.

A third of those quizzed by Sage were still using manual methods as part of their record keeping practices and a quarter fell into the category of relying on Excel.

The ambition that the vast majority of accounts hold is to become even more useful to their clients by using IT to eliminate a lot of the admin that bogs them down.

All the findings of the report combined paint a picture of a sector in transition and ripe for some pitches by specialist channel partners.

“This research shows most accountants see the empowering opportunity automation can bring, freeing them up to focus on their practice and their clients. As artificial intelligence and bots become progressively more intuitive, the door opens further towards the future of invisible admin and gives them the space to spend their time on more valuable services for their clients," said Jennifer Warawa, EVP product marketing at Sage.

“The industry must come together to support this change and help eliminate any barriers or fears that can hold accountants back. The call to action is now with accountants and small business owners to embrace the change and decide how they will spend the time that automation will afford them," she added.

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