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Vendors aiming to keep it simple

Vendors looking to get more customers using cloud technology with the channel are working hard to remove the complexity from the proposition

Users have been telling vendors that they want increased simplicity in products but it is also something that the channel is looking for.

Making it straight forward to sell and support a product provides resellers with a chance to enter markets that they might have shied away from in the past. Vendors are becoming more proactive trying to make sure that they have done everything to make it attractive for partners and customers to sell and support their technology.


The telco specialist is making its PBX Express product available via partners giving partners a chance to offer customers PBX as a Service.

The technology should appeal to SMEs that have not been able to join in the unified comms revolution because of fears over complexity and cost.

Nick Galea, 3CX CEO, said that it had tried to make it as simple as possible for reduce the number of installation steps and create an eight stage process that was very easy to go through.

"There has been a lot of talk about the cloud and PBX and how you go about setting it up. These eight steps mean it can go into the cloud under your control and the customer can use the cloud provider they want," he said.

He added that for the channel it gave them much more control and the chance to add additional services, "you don't want to be relegated to a commission agent".

"The SME market is the sweet spot and a reseller can become a trusted provider and be there as the customer adds more extensions," said Galea.


The firm is launching its Cloud Migration Platform to try and help resellers that are trying to tempt more customers to enter into a hosted environment.

Migration projects can be some of the most complex and demanding but DevTech is trying to crack that nut and as a result open up more opportunities to partners.

“Businesses around the world are moving more and more of their workloads from on-premise systems to Cloud. Yet migration projects continue to be complex, taking time and adding unnecessary overhead to the overall operation,” said Milovan Milic, CEO of Devtech.

“With the Cloud Migration Platform, our aim is to identify those capabilities the channel needs to make migration a success and ensure our partners have everything they need in a single package; greatly simplifying the migration process," he added.

The service, which is initially quite focused on Microsoft Office365 onboarding, is something that the vendor is making available to resellers as a while label service.

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