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IoT adoption rising and sparking the need for reseller help

IoT seems to be an unavoidable issue for corporates, which means that the channel will have a role to play in helping them ensure they remain secure

The attitude of enterprises towards rolling out IoT is likely to be accelerated because the experience for businesses so far has been fairly positive.

Research being issued from HPE company Aruba indicates that 85% of businesses expect to have adopted IoT by 2019. For the poor IT staff who have only just calmed down after the BYOD wave struck the business the thought of IoT might be causing a few headaches.

Those worries are not unfounded with the report already charting an increase in security breaches as a result of thousands of devices connecting to the corporate network.

But those issues are not preventing IoT from being rolled out with Aruba discovering the vast majority of customers have found that the benefits of greater flexibility are efficiency are worth having.

The channel opportunity will be in making sure that any IoT rollout is not only going to deliver benefits but will do so securely.

“With the business benefits of IoT surpassing expectations, it’s no surprise that the business world will move towards mass adoption by 2019. But with many executives unsure of how to apply IoT to their business, those who succeed in implementing IoT are well positioned to gain a competitive advantage," said Chris Kozup, vice president of marketing at Aruba.

“While IoT grows in deployment, scale and complexity, proper security methodologies to protect the network and devices, and more importantly, the data and insights they extract, must also keep pace," he added.

"If businesses do not take immediate steps to gain visibility and the IoT activities within their offices, they run the risk of exposure to potentially malicious activities" he added.

The growth in the popularity of IoT is leading more vendors to create solutions in that area and the channel should be enjoying the chance to work with some fresh names.

Jeff Harris, VP of visibility solutions at Ixia, said that it had traditionally developed visibility solutions to check across the network to monitor data performance and security and had added IoT.

"IoT is becoming more and more of a problem because sometimes it is so easy to integrate that the IT department is not always needed," he said.

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