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WWT forging a post VAR route that's integration driven

World Wide Technology (WWT) is demonstrating that investing in working out how to integrate the latest technology is a strategy that appeals to the largest of customers

The channel is full of preconceptions, and one of those was that the largest customers are only ever likely to buy from some of the large system integrators, that have always remained in a category of their own.

The likes of KPMG and Accenture have long been a distinct route to market for vendors with the general belief being that where they go very few, if any, resellers can follow.

That has been challenged by the likes of Computacenter and SCC and for the past few years in the UK by World Wide Technology (WWT).

WWT has been going for more than a quarter of a century and has been in the UK for the past four years serving FTSE 100 organisations and is demonstrating that it is possible for those adding value to work with the largest global customers.

Ben Boswell, director, UK & Ireland, at World Wide Technology, is charged with steering the ship here and the firm has a distinct vision that does not involve the classic VAR model.

"We are very much in the technology integration space. Providing front end and managing consulting," he added "We are a tech integrator rather than a value added reseller."

Rather than wait for the customer to come with problems that need to be fixed and then adding the services and value the firm is taking its own lead to be in a position to lead customers and be more proactive.

"There are some specific outcomes that the firm is looking to achieve. These are underpinned by an engineering arm," said Boswell.

"We can define the outcome and then reverse into the applications they have put together," he added that the traditional model was to pick up the end of the supply chain and simply resell products and services that the customer had identified they needed help with.

The specific aims that WWT wants to achieve are to provide management consulting, a deep understanding of the gap that technology can fill and how to integrate it and then finally a programme capability to deliver to make sure the customer achieves their desired outcomes.

Some of the places where WWT is investing its engineering time is in cloud, verticals including retail and taking on the challenge posed by IoT.

"We are very much in the trenches with our OEM partners and helping them to promote and sell new technology and emerging technology in the areas of IoT," said Boswell.

"If you look at the market we are all seeing our customers are having to innovate much much faster. Gone are the days of programmes that could last 18-24 months before they deliver tangible benefits," he added.

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