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Users facing uphill battle over digital transformation process

A couple of pieces of research have revealed the pain that some customers are going through to try to digitise their businesses

The journey to create a digitally transformed business might not be as hard as taking a ring to Mordor but for mid market companies it is still causing plenty of anxiety.

According to a couple of pieces of research there are signs that customers are feeling the strain as they try to change the way their businesses work.

The first from Ricoh Europe mid-market companies expect it will be easier for enterprise and small firms to managed the digitisation process.

The reasons they expect problems is because larger firms will be able to hire staff and smaller firms will find the case for digital transformation much easier to grasp and roll out across the business.

Mid sized customers understand the benefits, with 66% predicting that their business would be in a stronger position after going through the process and 94% are planning to invest, with some using up to 20% of their IT budgets.

“While a fundamental part of any digitisation journey, technology is, of course, just one piece of the puzzle. Mid-sized businesses have a clear appetite for digitisation to improve processes and ways of working, but progress is being restricted by factors beyond their control," said David Mills, CEO of Ricoh Europe.

The woes of the mid-market customers should play into the hands of resellers that are able to step in and provide the necessary support.

"The wider need for support for mid-sized businesses’ problems must be recognised at a government level across Europe. This means the mid-market being treated as the unique and dynamic group of businesses that it is, and for unnecessary red tape to be cut if businesses of all sizes are to take part in an open and fair race to digitisation," said Mills.

Research from OutSystems, which has published its fourth annual report looking at the world of application development, has found that those IT professionals being tasked with delivering digital transformation are feeling the pain.

“Our 2017 survey clearly shows that many IT professionals are at a crisis point when it comes to digital transformation and application development,” said Steve Rotter, CMO for OutSystems. “Project backlogs are growing, there are more systems to integrate with, the demands for mobile and IoT are increasing, and the scarcity of skilled developers are top concerns.”

Digital hurdles

OutSystems has been able to pull together a lost of all the potential issues that are causing headaches for customers looking to go on a digital transformation journey:

•    Huge backlogs slow productivity.
•    The skills gap is hampering growth.
•    Development times are excessively long.
•    Barriers to success, including time, skills  and budget can be overwhelming.
•    Mobility requirements are soaring.
•    Experimentation is on the rise.
•    Low-code is growing.

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