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Ooyala invites resellers to enter the digital video age

Broadcasting and media sector player Ooyala has kicked off its first channel programme to reach more VARs and MSPs

The prospect of selling into the video and media segment has always been one limited to those channel specialists that make the effort to concentrate on that vertical.

But things might have become a bit easier for those looking to get a foot into broadcasters and media firms with the move by Ooyala, a Telstra subsidiary, to embrace the channel.

The video monetisation specialist has rolled out its solutions partner programme, which is designed to attract IT partners that can sell a range of products from video production workflow to analytics and video monetisation capabilities. The emphasis is on working with partners with the data skills that can help broadcasters move into the digital age.

Ooyalal recognises that the channel, whether it be a VAR or an MSP, is in the best position to pull together a solution that can help its target market get into a position where they are ready to take advantage of the latest digital technology.

From a channel point of view the attraction of signing up for the scheme is that is provides access to a customer base that is likely to have digital needs that go beyond simply the video aspect and there could be other revenue opportunities.

"At Ooyala, we want all customers to thrive in the future of TV delivery and production and have built our business around it. Our increased commitment to our channel programme is designed to attract and enable our customer’s preferred suppliers and align with their typical buying patterns,” said Ooyala CEO, Issac Vaughn.

"The bottom line is Ooyala succeeds only if our customers succeed, and this programme is designed to help broadcasters, media companies and studios succeed," he added.

Aanal Bhatt, senior channel director at Ooyala, said that the tiered programme would provide partners with the resources they needed to get to grips with the key challenges in the industry.

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